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Namaste! – Welcome to Pura Vida Wellness!

A Spanish phrase that began life in the beautiful Costa Rica, Pura Vida’s English translation means “pure life” or “simple life”, however it’s more than just a phrase, it is a WAY OF LIFE.

“Pura Vida” is the back bone to what we do. We believe in a pure and happy life, and that our Company and products can bring exactly that to many people around the world. Our products can make a big impact in our customers’ lives; Pura Vida can help you find your pure life!

We serve customers worldwide with a focus on helping bringing people closer to their true self through ethics, spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, resulting in awesome products like our natural and organic health supplements, gift-ware, books, jewellery and home goods.

Having vetted them intimately, we’ve built a strong relationship with our suppliers and source our goods from all over the world.   Making sure that they had great and ethical working environments, we’ve hand-picked them to be in tune with our beliefs.  We’ve also worked hard with them to ship directly to you, our customer because this allows us to use less materials, causing less waste, and more importantly allowing us the benefit of knowing that environmentally expensive 2nd or 3rd product journeys are not necessary – big tick in the environmental box!

Our Office is in Cheshire, UK and so it’s likely that smaller items such as health supplements will come straight from our warehouse shelves. However, some of our handmade speciality items come direct from suppliers and ship from countries such as Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and even into the Pacific region!

We’re a passionate team here at Pura Vida Wellness, on a mission to help enlighten others so we can all win together but we also love feedback and if you would like us to carry something in our store please reach out to us.  

Pura Vida Wellness – live the pure life!

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