Gourd Thumb Piano
  • Coconut resonating chamber
  • 7 tuneable tines
  • Handmade in Bali
  • Stylish carving
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Large Cactus Rainstick
This larger version of our attractive rainsticks is made from a length of naturally fallen cactus. After being dried, the nail like spines are pushed back into the hollow body of the instrument in a helix formation. The instrument is then filled with tiny gravel before the ends are sealed shut.

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Mayan Hand Drum
  • Beautiful sounding hand drum
  • Hand decorated with a Mayan Designs
  • Made in Guatemala
  • Fair Trade
Great sounding hand drum made with a pyrography etched wooden handle and stitched goat skin head, hand decorated with one of two mayan designs.

Approx: 6cm head ∅, 22cm long Origin: Guatemala

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Nazca Design Hand Drum
  • Superb, loud sound
  • Easy to play
  • Bold Nazca line designs
  • Handmade in Peru
Also known as a pellet drum, this is a great musical instrument for kids and grown-ups alike. These larger sized drums are hand made in Peru and feature designs inspired by the famous Nazca Lines. The Nazca Lines are enormous and mysterious markings located in the Nazca Desert in Peru. The drums are played by vertically placing the handle between the outstretched hands so that the head is above the thumbs. By rubbing the hands together the drum rotates causing the attached beads to quickly strike each face. This larger size creates a louder sound as the beads strike.

Approx: 8cm ∅ × 19cm Glyphs vary Origin: Peru

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Small Bamboo Rainstick
This budget variation on the traditional rainstick creates a great sound reminiscent of rain falling. The instrument is made using a hollow length of bamboo and features burnt patterning, colourful dot painting and woven rattan ends. Believed to be originally of Aztec design for use in rituals calling for rain and thunderstorms, our bamboo rainsticks are handmade in Bali.

Approx: 5cm ∅ × 30cm Origin: Indonesia

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Sun Design Thumb Piano
  • Colourful dot painted design
  • Coconut resonating chamber
  • 7 tuneable tines
  • Handmade in Bali
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